Don’t worry I’m not going to divorce you, you’re too valuable to me professionally just like I am to you

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Mulder, it’s the dim hope of finding that proof that’s kept us in this car, or one very much like it, for more nights than I care to remember. Driving hundreds if not thousands of miles through neighborhoods and cities and towns where people are raising families and buying homes and playing with their kids and their dogs, and, in short, living their lives. While we…we just keep driving.

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that time the good wife parodied true detective so alicia could fall asleep watching it

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only in my dreams

"only in my dreams are you really mine, dear." a mix for alicia florrick, will gardner, bad timing, and reminiscing in late night diners with the ghost of a lover you once knew.

p much inspired by alicia/will’s coffee shop scene in 5x14 bc that scene will haunt me for the rest of my days.

( listen )

01. all i have to do is dream - the everly brothers  02. blue moon - elvis presley  03. only in my dreams - frank fafara  04. i only have eyes for you - the complexions and the flamingos  05. you’ve really got a hold on me - smokey robinson & the miracles  06. you were made for me - sam cooke  07. dream a little dream of me - the mamas & the papas  08. love me - elvis presley  09. we belong together - ritchie valens  10. dedicated to the one i love - the mamas & the papas  11. lovers never say goodbye - the flamingos  12. sleepwalk - santo & johnny

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How too solv kriem like a FBI man


by Jack Crawford and Alana Bloom

  • There is no reason a man who is not physically able to eat animal protein can’t be a well-known cannibal.
  • Similarly, just because he walks with a cane does not mean he can’t regularly carry other people’s bodies around while carving them up to put in Lucite slabs.
  • If that same guy was in the hospital recovering from being disemboweled during at least two of the murders he’s accused of, that was doubtless all part of his trickery
  • There is no way to prove the presence of chloroform in someone’s body. What is this, Star Trek?
  • Above all, the word of a deeply traumatized, unstable person is never to be taken with a grain of salt (unless that person is Will Graham, obviously).